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 What can you expect at dinner?  

     (Sample of the photos)

  • 季節のサラダ Seasonal Salad

  • 焼物 Yakimono / Baked meat and Vegetable

  • 煮物 Nimono   /  Simmered vegetable   

  • 酢の物 Sunomono / Vinegared seaweed, scallion with scallop

  • 蒸し物 Muchimono / Chyawan Mushi (steamed egg)

  • そばサラダ / soba salad with shrimp

  • ご飯        Rice

  • 漬け物 Tsukemono / Pickles

  • デザートDessert

  • If you would like to taste authentic Japanese food, please try it here!!

What you can bring ?

  • BYOB

   (Bring Your Own Bottle) 

  •  Please reserve at least 5 days advance

Please register the member ship to get the next event mail.

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